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LaMelo Ball’s New dNFT Collection Tracks Career Blocks And Rebounds With Chainlink Sports Data Feeds

Last June, Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball launched his first dynamic NFT (dNFT) collection just ahead of being named NBA Rookie of the Year – an achievement memorialized by 500 top-tier NFTs which also unlock exclusive opportunities to win memorabilia from Ball’s personal collection, such as his high school championship ring. 

“Some of the rewards that fans might win are straight from my bedroom,” Ball told Chainlink Today.

The debut collection, created in collaboration with Ether Cards, integrated Chainlink VRF to ensure Ball’s treasured heirlooms are distributed in a manner that is unbiased, tamper-proof, and openly auditable.

As the first sport star to connect with fans through dNFTs, Ball said he’s most attracted to the ability to accurately reflect his real-time career stats on-chain through Chainlink Sports Data Feeds.

“When I found out that my tokens could ‘know’ my stats and awards over time and update themselves, I just knew that was something I never heard before – so I got interested! Ether Cards makes evolving NFTs and Chainlink can track my stats on the blockchain, so my team helped put both of those ideas together.”

Today, in collaboration with Ether Cards and Playground, Ball announced his second dNFT collection, which will record his moment-to-moment moves on the basketball court to the blockchain. Chainlink Sports Data Feeds will power 1,250 “Rebounds” NFTs and 1,250 “Blocks” NFTs, while Chainlink VRF will be used to fairly distribute rewards to NFT holders when certain performance milestones are met.

Two additional rare NFTs will launch with Ball’s sophomore collection: “2022 Rising Stars,” which will track Ball’s full stat line for his Rising Stars game on February 18th, and “2022 All-Star Debut,” which will track Ball’s full stat line from his very first All-Star game on February 20th.

The completely blind mint will begin on February 18th. On March 2nd, Chainlink VRF – which just launched its v2 upgrade – will randomly determine which of the four NFT types each minter receives. Because fairness is paramount to sport in real life and on-chain, Ether Cards (currently rebranding to self-service NFT platform, Galaxis) expanded its integration of Chainlink VRF to conduct this latest dNFT reveal in the “fairest, most unbiased, and most user-driven way possible.”

To learn more about Ether Cards, check out their website, blog, Discord and Twitter.

To learn more about Playground, visit their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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