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How Chainlink Can Connect Blockchains And AI

In a new video, Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov distilled the essential role oracle networks play at the intersection of blockchains and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Oracle networks are the interface between everything on chains and everything outside of chains and between chains,” he explained.

As the industry-leading decentralized computing platform, Chainlink’s oracle networks provide blockchains with cryptographically verifiable data, computation, and cross-chain capabilities that maintain the integrity of a chain’s deterministically guaranteed environment.

Nazarov believes blockchains will require the same “verifiable, secure, decentralized interface” to interact with AI systems.

He said the Chainlink Network, which has securely enabled over $9.3 trillion in transaction value and delivered more than 11.5 billion data points or “the largest amount of cryptographic truth” onchain, has established oracle networks as “the right interface to connect both everything in the external world and everything between multiple chains.” This includes “the most security-sensitive bank and capital markets users” as well as AI.   

He projected a reciprocal relationship between blockchains and AI, in which AI will require information from blockchains as “a reliable source of truth” and onchain smart contracts functioning as “the mechanism through which all the world’s value is secured, transacted, and managed” will utilize AI’s advanced computation.

Nazarov believes the most important question about the intersection of blockchain and AI is: How can these two powerful technologies work together? The answer, from his perspective, is Chainlink’s oracle interface.  

“They’ll need an interface that meets the security needs of the blockchains and the verifiable applications, and is advanced enough to be able to interact with the AI technologies in a useful way. And that’s what the Chainlink Network is.” 

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