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Google’s Allen Day Shows How Quickly And Easily Developers Can Start Building With Chainlink Functions At ETHDenver

Chainlink celebrated a big week at ETHDenver with the announcement that Chainlink Price Feeds are live on testnet for Coinbase’s L2 network, Base, and the beta launch of Chainlink Functions, a serverless web3 development platform that leverages Chainlink oracles to seamlessly deliver web2 data on-chain.

As part of Functions’ beta launch, top cloud and web2 platforms including AWS, Meta, and Google Cloud collaborated to generate a series of use cases that Functions unlocks. During ETHDenver, Google Developer Advocate, Allen Day, joined Chainlink co-founder, Steve Ellis, and Chainlink Labs Product Lead, Bryan Jowers, for a fun presentation illustrating how quickly and easily developers can start building with Functions. 

Day’s live demonstration illustrated how Functions makes it possible to use Google BigQuery and Google Analytics within decentralized applications. Following a tutorial he outlined in a Medium post, Day showed ETHDenver’s developer audience how to deliver live updates about a website’s user statistics to an on-chain smart contract.

In this case, the user statistics were simple: Day directed audience members to a website where they voted for their preferred animal: dog or cat. Votes were registered with Google Analytics and then automatically stored in Google BigQuery, where they were retrieved and written to an on-chain smart contract by Chainlink Functions in intervals called by Chainlink Automation.

Day summed up his first experience with Functions and encouraged other developers. 

“The really fantastic thing about this is I was just blown away by how streamlined this was,” he said. “It’s about 50 lines of code, 48 of which are boilerplate. One line is the bearer token. The other one is a SQL query. Everything else is just like plumbing logic. So if you wanted to build something like this, you change the query, you change the auth – go to town.”

To learn more about Chainlink Functions, read the official blog post. Sign up for the Chainlink Functions beta program here.

Watch the full presentation at ETHDenver.

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