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Developers Can Now Apply To The Chainlink Hacker House At SmartCon 2022

Today marks six weeks from the start of SmartCon 2022, Chainlink’s premier web3 conference. This year’s SmartCon will feature two full days of virtual and in-person events, September 28 and 29 in New York City.

More than 100 industry leaders and academics – including former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt; former Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan; Solana Labs co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko; and Ava Labs founder, Emin Gün Sirer – will present their trailblazing thought leadership to thousands of founders, developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world.

Also new this year is the Chainlink Hacker House, a free, in-person event in New York City on September 30, 2022. Hacker House will feature technical workshops stemming from the ultimate 32-hour smart contract development course created by Chainlink Labs’ Lead Developer Advocate, Patrick Collins, as well as community-led sessions, hands-on support, and networking opportunities.

Hacker House functions as a bridge between September’s SmartCon and the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon, scheduled to take place October 14 through November 18, 2022, with closing ceremonies set for December 2, 2022.

Chainlink Labs’ Head of Developer Marketing, Melodi Kaya, told Chainlink Today that Hacker House offers the first-ever opportunity for Chainlink hackathon participants to convene in real life.  

“We will have sessions on preparing great project submissions, forming teams based on coding skills, learning how hackathon judges evaluate projects, and hearing from previous hackathon winners,” she said.

Hacker House activities will also include a scavenger hunt and the opportunity for developers to have their questions answered by Chainlink Labs’ entire developer advocacy team. 

Kaya, an animal lover, said that in order to make the event accessible to as many talented developers as possible, Hacker House will accommodate both developers and their dogs.

“We are working on making this event useful for our developers and their dogs if they choose to bring them to the event venue,” she said. “We don’t want to separate our devs from their furry friends.”

Hacker House is currently accepting applications and 100 developers will be chosen. Kaya said strong applicants are those planning to participate in the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon and who have also participated in previous Chainlink hackathons – with bonus points for those who have submitted hackathon projects.

Kaya said Hacker House was created with an emphasis on finding the sweet spot that fosters the best experience. “The event is only going to be for 100 people, so it is important to us that the quality is up to our expectations and everyone gets to engage with our developer advocates,” she explained.

To learn more, visit the SmartCon 2022 official website and apply to the Chainlink Hacker House.

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