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Civilization Integrates Chainlink Keepers To Make DeFi More Accessible With CivTrade

Blockchain-based smart contracts connected to off-chain market data by decentralized oracle networks allow DeFi users to earn better yield with greater control and transparency than they can in the centralized finance world. Since the advent of hybrid smart contracts, the DeFi industry has grown to over $200 billion total value locked (TVL).

The next step in DeFi’s mainstream adoption is improving cost and functionality through decentralized automation. This is the goal of Civilization, the world’s first decentralized investment fund managed entirely by its own users. Civilization’s first product, CivTrade, offers fully automated order book management and limit order trades, extending decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality beyond immediate market trades. 

CivTrade allows users to create an order book, as they would on a traditional exchange, by specifying the target size and price of each trade and using custom-designed DeFi liquidity pools in the back-end. Chainlink Keepers automates all aspects of the trade while maximizing returns and mitigating hidden fees.

Credit: Civilization

“Chainlink Keepers offers on-blockchain monitoring of positions in order to close a trade as soon as the position is filled,” a Civilization team member told Chainlink Today. “Essentially, we are subverting the concept of impermanent loss.” This means users can limit-trade targeting their preferred order book prices without having to worry about constantly monitoring complex liquidity pools.

“CivTrade is the answer to anyone wanting to build a DEX order book, without having to worry about their positions every other minute,” said Civilization’s spokesperson. 

CivTrade aims to make DeFi accessible to everyone, with Chainlink Keepers playing a pivotal role. 

“The Chainlink network is the most widely adopted and time-tested technology provider in the DeFi industry,” Civilization’s spokesperson said. “Its infrastructure has a flawless track record of providing high-quality services to blockchain applications.”

To learn more about Civilization, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, GitHub, Reddit and Medium.

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