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Chainlinked Podcast Episode 06 | Harmony Founder Stephen Tse And Baseline’s John Wolpert

On this week’s episode of Chainlinked, Harmony Founder Stephen Tse explains why empathy is a critical part of designing decentralized technology. His perspective on empathy and culture is an engaging look into Harmony’s mission to build trustless systems. We also discuss how Chainlink oracles are helping the Harmony testnet grow, how the growing NFT space will need scalable solutions and the role of Harmony in a multi-chain world.

I also talk to Baseline Co-founder John Wolpert, who explains the Baseledger L2 testnet release featuring Chainlink oracles and dives into the problems enterprise IT is working to solve using blockchains. He argues that businesses have good reasons to keep most of their data on private databases, but should use a common standard, the Baseline Protocol, to ensure synchrony between IT systems using decentralized tech like Chainlink oracles.


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