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Chainlinked At NFT.NYC 2021 With Nick Casares From Polyient Labs | Chainlinked Podcast

The 2021 NFT.NYC event was as supercharged as the NFT craze in the web3 industry over the past several months. It was exciting to meet people who knew so much about how Chainlink underpins much of web3’s fairness, security, and reliability through decentralized networks.

We are still early in creating the web3 industry. It’s paramount to provide consistent education and clear examples of how good implementations of decentralization for the purposes of security, reliability, and transparency make the world a better place. At conferences like NFT.NYC, it’s also exciting to get revved up with the builders and entrepreneurs creating value in the NFT space. 

On this week’s episode of Chainlinked, I host the podcast’s first in-person recording with Polyient Labs’ Nick Casares, who shares fascinating insights about the evolving value of NFTs and how a broader understanding of the metaverse is being informed by web3, NFTs, and on-chain digital property rights.

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