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Chainlink Price Feeds Live On Base Mainnet

Incubated by Coinbase, Base is a fast, scalable, developer-friendly L2 leveraging the Ethereum blockchain’s security. Earlier this year at ETHDenver, Base integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on testnet and joined Chainlink SCALE to accelerate its ecosystem’s growth through enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-standard web3 services.

During a fireside chat with Chainlink Labs’ Global Head of Blockchain Partnerships, Niki Ariyasinghe, Base creator and Coinbase Head of Protocols Jesse Pollak said Base was built with the goal of onboarding a billion new web3 users by giving developers simple, cost-effective tools to build secure dApps with real-world utility.

“As part of that, developers need access to real-world data and that’s where Chainlink fits in,” he said. “And we’re super excited to work with them to make it happen.”

Today, Chainlink Price Feeds went live on Base mainnet, unlocking developers’ ability to build externally connected DeFi applications such as decentralized lending and borrowing protocols as well as derivatives and futures markets. 

“The native integration of Chainlink Price Feeds into Base will enable developers with the tools they need to port existing applications over to Base, and empower developers to experiment with novel use cases that can be built on Base’s hyper-scalable layer-2 environment,” said Pollak in an official announcement. 

Johann Eid, Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs, said Chainlink Price Feeds on Base pave the way for next-generation DeFi applications capable of expanding Base’s ecosystem and the web3 industry as a whole.  

“The security, reliability, and accuracy guarantees that Chainlink’s Sybil-resistant oracle networks provide will enable developers to push the frontier of what’s possible when a fast layer-2 blockchain meets industry-leading oracle infrastructure,” Eid said. 

On the horizon, additional Chainlink services such as Automation and Functions could amplify Base’s ability to bring off-chain users and industries on-chain.

As Pollak said on stage at ETHDenver, “It’s not just the people that need to come over; it’s all of the information that needs to come over. This is where we see Chainlink fitting in. It’s the data bridge; it’s the function bridge; it’s the automation bridge that makes it possible.”

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