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Chainlink Labs One Of Newsweek’s Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces In 2024

This week, Chainlink Labs, the primary contributing developer of the industry-standard decentralized computing platform, Chainlink, was ranked 24 on the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list published by Newsweek in partnership with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), an award-winning leadership development center and benchmark research company.

The list was determined using BPI’s Love of Workplace Index™ analysis of employee-provided data and interviews with company officials. Key criteria included “a company’s level of collaboration, how workers feel about their future at the firm, the alignment between employee and employer values, the perceived amount of respect for employees and opportunities for career achievement.” More than two million employees were surveyed from businesses with workforce numbers ranging from 30 to over 10,000.

A 2023 Pew Research Center report found that only 51% of surveyed U.S. workers were “highly satisfied” with their job. According to BPI’s research, Most Loved Workplaces® produce three to four times better customer service, employee performance, and retention than companies with poor employee satisfaction. 

“As workplaces continue to shift, it’s clearer than ever that fostering collaboration, embracing a positive outlook, and aligning values are essential,” said Nancy Cooper, Newsweek’s Global Editor in Chief, in an official statement. “The companies celebrated on the 2024 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list truly embody these principles. They show us that by championing respect and team oriented outcomes, they’re not just building great workplaces, they’re shaping a brighter future for all.” 

Newsweek highlighted Chainlink Labs for cultivating a global workforce of more than 600 employees in highly specialized teams “working in an idea meritocracy with an open-source ethos that is building a world-changing product.” 

Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure has delivered more than 12 billion data points onchain and enabled over $10.5 trillion in transaction value throughout the blockchain ecosystem. The platform provides a comprehensive set of oracle services that are critical for creating and securing tokenized real-world assets and stablecoins capable of scaling onchain finance to billions of global users.

As illustrated by Swift’s proof of concept, Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) allows traditional financial institutions such as ANZ to transact with a wide range of blockchains using their existing infrastructure, unlocking new markets and use cases for tokenized assets that can flow freely between private bank chains and public DeFi applications.

“Being named as one of Newsweek’s top 100 most loved workplaces in the world reflects highly upon the global team that we’ve worked to build at Chainlink Labs,” said Giovana Totini, Chief People Officer at Chainlink Labs. “We’re a remote-first company that brings together an international team of Web3 natives, capital markets experts, and Web2 professionals to work on one of the most exciting pieces of technology in the world today.”

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