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Chainlink Labs’ Johann Eid Says Tokenization Will Drive Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

In a new video, Chainlink Labs Chief Business Officer Johann Eid distilled his belief that tokenized real-world assets are a megatrend that will make blockchains mainstream. 

“I think the real mass adoption we’ve been talking about for years is going to come from tokenized assets,” he said.

He described the evolution of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle services, beginning with Price Feeds that gave rise to DeFi, as proof of concept for something much greater: tokenizing all the world’s value onchain. 

“Because blockchain is better,” Eid said. “Blockchain is ownership; it’s decentralization; it’s transparency.”

As the industry-leading decentralized computing platform, which has enabled over $10 trillion in onchain transaction value, Chainlink has expanded to offer a comprehensive set of services, including Proof of Reserve, Automation, and Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), that are critical for creating, securing, buying, and selling tokenized assets onchain.  

Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure allows the entire life cycle of tokenized assets, ranging from real estate to precious metals and carbon credits, to be transparently managed onchain. Because tokenized assets confer new opportunities, such as fractionalization and programmability, while reducing counterparty risk, the space is projected to reach $10 trillion by 2030

During his powerful keynote at SmartCon 2023, Eid described blockchain technology as humanity’s long-awaited solution to mistrust and manipulation.

“Blockchain ensures that whenever someone relies on a system, they know the rules of the game,” he said. Extending blockchain’s “enforced verifiability” to Chainlink-powered tokenized assets facilitates what he believes is a unique opportunity to facilitate a better world.  

“When you have a financial system built on top of blockchain, it’s a fairer, better, more global ecosystem,” Eid said. “The way we get there is with tokenizing everything – real estate, gold, FX – that’s really why I’m so excited. Everything we’ve been working towards for the last seven years in this ecosystem has been leading up to tokenization and tokenizing the word onchain.”

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