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Chainlink Labs And PwC Germany Form Strategic Collaboration To Connect More Enterprises With Top Blockchains

Having enabled more than $7 trillion in transaction value throughout the decentralized economy as the industry-standard web3 services platform, Chainlink is powering innovative use cases for smart contracts while its secure blockchain middleware allows web2 companies to interact with the smart contract economy through their legacy infrastructure.

Amid growing demand for trust-minimized applications that offer cryptographic guarantees, more global enterprises are integrating Chainlink to future-proof their products and services. This week, Chainlink Labs announced it’s accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption by forming a strategic joint business relationship with top auditing and advisory firm PwC Germany.

This collaboration aims to help companies overcome the technical challenges preventing mainstream blockchain adoption. Companies working with PwC Germany will now also benefit from Chainlink Labs’ support in building custom solutions that leverage Chainlink’s secure middleware to connect companies’ existing backends to the diverse blockchain ecosystem. 

PwC Germany has established itself as a pioneer in developing enterprise blockchain technology solutions, such as its Blockchain Explorer and Transaction Analyzer (BETA), as well as analyzing blockchain’s potential to transform the global economy. Dimitri Gross, Technology Interest Group Lead for Digital Assets and Crypto at PwC Germany, said partnering with Chainlink Labs allows PwC Germany to take enterprise blockchain adoption to the next level.

“PwC Germany and Chainlink Labs aim to help accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain technology in key enterprise sectors such as capital markets, ushering in a new era of transactional security, transparency, and efficiency,” he said. “We are excited to empower businesses with the knowledge, integrations, and solutions they need to seamlessly and securely interface with the growing blockchain economy.”

Chainlink Labs’ managing director of business development, William Herkelrath, described the strategic collaboration with PwC Germany as enterprises’ gateway to web3. “By interacting with the blockchain economy through Chainlink, enterprises can begin realizing the transformative power of smart contracts and blockchain oracles,” he said.

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