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Blockpour Integrates 40+ Chainlink Price Feeds To Help Users Navigate Multi-Chain DeFi Ecosystem

DeFi data and analytics are typically siloed by chain, making it difficult for DeFi users to perform real-time cross-chain analysis. However, Chainlink’s blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle networks and services are natively integrated by more than a dozen top blockchains, enabling cross-chain data aggregation and paving the way for a fully interoperable DeFi ecosystem.

Last week, multi-chain data analytics platform Blockpour integrated more than 40 Chainlink Price Feeds to give its users the most rigorous market data across multiple blockchains including Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom, Moonbeam, and Polygon. Because the platform is designed to help users identify DeFi strategies through comprehensive cross-chain visibility, Blockpour’s Head of Marketing said Chainlink’s fast, accurate price data is essential. 

“By integrating 40+ Chainlink Price Feeds on our platform, we’re able to provide reliable and precise pricing data for tokens across a variety of networks,” he told Chainlink Today. “By providing real-time pricing data across multiple networks, Blockpour helps users navigate and analyze the rapidly expanding multi-chain DeFi ecosystem.”

Ultimately, he explained, Chainlink Price Feeds empower Blockpour users to access a wider range of DeFi products and services, identify more cross-chain opportunities, and make more informed decisions from a single, actionable dashboard.

Blockpour also announced its plans to continue integrating more Chainlink Price Feeds as the platform adds data from additional EVM and non-EVM blockchain networks.

“There’s a reason Chainlink is the industry-standard oracle solution,” Blockpour’s team told Chainlink Today. “We’re excited to join an ecosystem built on a foundation of proliferating access to reliable, robust data. By doing so, we believe that we’re contributing to building a healthier DeFi ecosystem – one that’s more transparent, sustainable, and decentralized than traditional finance.”

To learn more about Blockpour, visit their website, Twitter, and Medium.

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