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Alaska Gold Rush Joins Chainlink BUILD To Support Multi-Chain Gaming

The Chainlink BUILD program fosters promising early-stage startups in Chainlink’s ecosystem. Participants receive benefits including enhanced access to essential Chainlink infrastructure, new product alpha and beta releases, and technical support in exchange for paying fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers, boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security, and advance the web3 industry as a whole.

Today, AAA web3 game Alaska Gold Rush announced it joined BUILD to integrate key Chainlink services including Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to enable secure cross-chain transfers of native tokens and utility NFTs. 

Set during the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century, Alaska Gold Rush offers an immersive gaming experience where players explore the landscape, mine for gold, and compete with other players to win token rewards and NFTs representing in-game commodities like gear and land.

Created by a team of gamers and financial experts, the goal of Alaska Gold Rush is to generate a thriving, sustainable gaming economy with long-term player incentives built around its native token. 

As the blockchain industry’s standard for cross-chain token and data transfers, CCIP allows web3 developers to build advanced cross-chain applications with superior user experiences. Beyond uniting DeFi and TradFi on the path toward an internet of contracts, CCIP is also unlocking feature-rich cross-chain ecosystems in the web3 gaming industry.

In an official announcement, the Alaska Gold Rush team said joining BUILD represents “a significant milestone” by providing the platform with the infrastructure and technical support required to “push the boundaries of what’s possible” in web3 gaming. 

“This early access allows us to incorporate the latest blockchain technology innovations into Alaska Gold Rush, enhancing the game’s security, reliability, and overall player experience,” they said. Beyond the ability to integrate cutting-edge Chainlink oracle services, BUILD offers Alaska Gold Rush numerous opportunities to expand its ecosystem. 

“The visibility that comes with being part of the Chainlink BUILD program is equally crucial,” the team said. “It puts Alaska Gold Rush in front of a wider audience, attracting more players and investors to our project. Furthermore, it connects us with a network of other high-potential projects and experts in the blockchain space, opening the door to collaborations and partnerships that can fuel our growth even further.”

To learn more about Alaska Gold Rush, visit their website, X, Telegram, and Discord.

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