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0xScope Joins Chainlink BUILD To Accelerate Adoption Of AI-Powered Web3 Apps

The Chainlink BUILD program fosters promising early-stage startups and established projects in Chainlink’s ecosystem. Participants receive benefits including enhanced access to essential Chainlink infrastructure, new product alpha and beta releases, and technical support, in exchange for paying fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers, boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security, and advance the web3 industry as a whole.

Today, 0xScope, a web3 AI data layer, announced it joined BUILD to support the security and use of AI-powered web3 apps. As a member of BUILD, 0xScope will integrate key Chainlink services, such as Functions, which allows web3 applications to securely fetch data from any web2 API. 

0xScope’s web3 data layer is used by over 200 projects and ecosystems. The company is currently focused on accelerating the development of Jarvis, an AI agent that uses natural language to transform user intent into actionable web3 tasks. 0xScope is also building B2C applications on top of its data layer; its latest AI crypto trading companion, Scopechat, powered by Jarvis, is now being integrated into leading web3 platforms and wallets. 

The goal of 0xScope is to accelerate the adoption of web3 through its intersection with AI technology that can substantially boost the processing speed and efficiency of web3 transactions, data, and contracts. By extensively cleaning and processing complex web3 data into high-quality datasets needed to integrate with AI, 0xScope is laying the foundation for a new tier of advanced web3 applications. 

In an official announcement, 0xScope co-founder and CEO Phillip Torres underscored the important role Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle infrastructure, which has securely enabled over $10.5 trillion in transaction value, plays in advancing this vision. 

“We’re excited to join Chainlink BUILD to gain access to industry-standard oracle services, expert technical support, and a robust cryptoeconomic model that empowers us to build 0xScope with greater security assurances,” he said. “Joining the thriving Chainlink community will also help increase awareness and accelerate the growth of our platform.”

To learn more about 0xScope, visit their website, X, Telegram, and Discord.

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